Christmas Celebrations in Uganda

Christmas Celebrations in Uganda

A huge thank you to those of you who supported our Christmas Appeal.

Our delivery partners in Uganda, the Diocese of Liwolo, gave out money for Christmas celebrations in churches in Imvepi refugee camp and in the Mijale-Kerwa sub-county and people celebrated the Christmas very well and were thankful to the diocese and CRESS UK.

  • 50 people comprising of staff and staff families near the DOL office in Arua
  • Over 546 people enjoyed the meal in Impevi Refugee Settlement
  • In Mijale over 1500 people attended the celebrations and enjoyed the meal
  • 20 people enjoyed a Christmas meal with the family of the Bishop

“This Christmas has been so unique because it’s the first time since we came into exile that we have gathered together to celebrate Christmas.” said Pastor Kenyi Emmanuel.

The whole congregation was excited and waved to send their regards and thanks to the community in UK for praying for them in the refugee settlement.

Here are the photos from Uganda of the celebrations!

“We are happy that God has blessed us with this Christmas meal. We thank CRESS UK for the support and the prayers because this day has been a great one”, said Archdeacon Karaba