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CBFs Training Completed

We were really pleased to receive a report from Omar Abdullay, Community Managed Microfinance & Financial Literacy Specialist based in Arua who lead the training with […]

Sharing the profits…

We are so pleased to see that Tiyu ko Ngun A Savings Group members are enjoying the share out of their group’s profits. Tiyu ko Ngun […]

Savings Groups Changing Lives

Our Savings Groups projects are busy changing lives in Uganda and we are so pleased to have some new stories from the South Sudanese refugees to […]

Savings Conferences

At the end of February Julious Abate, the Agriculture Officer with the Diocese of Liwolo, and the rest of the Savings and Agriculture teams held two […]

Community Business Facilitators receive field items

CRESS has set up 41 Savings groups. Each group is supported by a local trained Community Business Facilitator (CBF) who visits to teach, encourage and advise […]

18th November – Bournemouth University’s Social Entrepreneurs Forum

Next week is Global Entrepreneurship Week. Caroline Lamb and Lilija Noel are two of the panellists at Bournemouth University’s Social Entrepreneurs Forum on 18th November. This […]

Savings Group Success Story

The story of Susan Gilea Susan is a 39-year-old Widow with four children, who lost her husband to the war in South Sudan. As a member […]

Savings Groups – Success story

The story of Akumu Agnes Agnes is a 30 years old married lady with two children, who is a member of Morjita Saving group Imvepi. She […]

Savings Groups are growing

The Savings Group Facilitators have just received a gift in thanks for their voluntary work setting up these life changing groups within the refugee camps. Noel […]

Growing Businesses in Ugada

Emmanuel Savings Group, Bulomoni This lady is 29 years old and married with three children. She lives in Imvepi refugee camp – Arua district. She said, […]

How Savings Groups have helped Sam

Sam Ladu is a South Sudanese Refugee living in Northern Uganda, Yumbe district. Sam is 24 years old and dropped out from secondary school due to […]