Loud Hailer update


New bicycles


Reading Glasses and Bibles for Refugees

CRESS received a grant to enable glasses and bibles to be purchased for the refugees we support in Uganda. We have just received this report from […]

Bishop confirms over 1000 in Uganda

We are pleased to share news from the confirmations undertaken by Bishop Joseph on 27th & 28th December: We confirmed two churches in the Imvepi camp, […]

Showing of the Jesus Film, part of November discipleship

We have just heard from the discipleship team with the Diocese of Liwolo and thought you’d like to hear their latest news and activities. The showing […]

Musical Instrument Training

Earlier in 2021 CRESS sent funds for new musical instruments to support the worship in the churches of the Diocese of Liwolo. Now nine young people […]

God Provides – Our New Vehicle

After seeing the first photos of our new vehicle in Uganda on duty with the clinic outreach team providing health training in Imvepi refugee settlement last […]

Global Grant Awards for NGOs

The event was hosted by Global Funds For Jesus (GFFJ), a Christian organization from South Africa that has grown in recent years. They have 30 Regions […]

Pastoral ministry continuing during Ugandan lockdown

Pastoral ministry is still going on amidst the lockdown in this pandemic time but as with us in the UK, it has to take a different […]

Clinic and Office Agriculture Projects

The gardens at the Diocese of Liwolo office and the clinic in Arua offer the opportunity for them to become a little more self-sufficient, providing food […]

The Four Loud Hailers

The loud hailer systems were set up in response to the COVID lockdown and restrictions in Uganda, but they have proved to be invaluable in so […]

Pastors receive agriculture training

After so many of us joined with the Chalke Valley Churches as they worshipped on Advent Sunday with the South Sudanese refugees in Impevi Refugee Settlement, […]