Appeal Update

Appeal Update

Appeal Update

Huge thanks to our donors

It is with huge gratitude that we can announce today that our Coronavirus Appeal has reached £5000.

This will enable us to send a grant to Uganda to purchase gloves, face masks, soap, washstands and more. We know we will need more money as this epidemic spreads, but the Ugandan government has the country in tight lockdown, which as you can see from the numbers below is slowing spread at this time.

We will keep you updated here and on our Facebook page.

Update from Uganda

Since the first case was confirmed in Uganda and declared by the president of Uganda on 22/3/2020 as an outbreak in the country.

  • In the first week, there were 30 cases confirmed.
  • in the second week, there were 18 new cases confirmed -total 48
  • And on the third week, 5 new cases confirmed – total 53

So currently the Country stands at 53 confirmed cases, No recovery and no deaths recorded.

Because of the alarming cases in the first week, it prompted a lockdown and ban on travel and closure of most of the businesses for almost two weeks now.
Movement becomes difficult and hence food shortages in most homes.

Some groups of people decided to put on Army uniform and loot civilians. So far four have been arrested in Maracha district due to involvement in those illegal activities of terrorising civilians. All this because of COVID -19