Agriculture Update

Agriculture Update

With the support of CRESS the agriculture department in the Diocese of Liwolo has been able to achieve a huge amount in July as easing lockdown has allowed agricultural work to continue:

Dudu Diana's tomatoes
Dudu Diana’s tomatoes
  • Collected MEL (Monotoring, Evaluation and Learning) data from the original 8 agriculture/savings groups, as well as success stories from some few members both in Mijale and Imvepi. The data was collected from both groups and individual field activities. A sample of three members of each group were randomly chosen for the interviews.
  • We have also procured 672 pineapple suckers and all have been delivered to the various locations/groups. Each of the eight groups was given 84 suckers. The Office in Arua and the clinic staff quarter in Mijale were given 24 suckers each.
  • We have also managed to procure a few agriculture tools which will be delivered to the groups. These tools include
    Members receiving Pineapple suckers
    Members receiving Pineapple suckers

    144 hoes for 16 groups, 2 water barrels per group, 1 knapsack sprayer per group, 2 watering cans per group, 2 water jerry cans per group, 1 tape measure per group, 1 ball string rope (sisal) per group and 1 spade per group.

  • We have been working on collecting some data for the office poultry project. The information was gathered and will be translated into a budget that will later be forwarded when approved.

The new 16 savings/agriculture groups have all sown their vegetable seeds and have germinated well waiting for transplanting.

Agricultural Officer demonstrating the planting of Pineapple suckers
Agricultural Officer demonstrating the planting of Pineapple suckers

And for next month…

  • We will Deliver the agriculture tools & equipment to the 16 groups.
  • Continue Monitoring and Evaluation (MEL) assessments of the groups’ activities and performance.

Challenges faced

  • We have not been able to procure all the equipment for the members due to budget constraints. Example, out of 20 members per each of the 16 groups, we have only procured 9 hoes per group. Gumboots and other items have not been procured.

If you would like to find out more about the agriculture projects in Uganda please do get in touch.