Time to give thanks to God and the CRESS family

Time to give thanks to God and the CRESS family

Israel, Esther and WilfredIt’s a time to give thanks to God and the CRESS family in general.

I would like to take your attention back to April 6th 2013 during the birth of my son Wilfred who was born by caesarean birth in Kajo-Keji Hospital. My wife Esther was advised not to eat adequate food and she became weak. The baby has nothing to eat or drink but to live on water for some days. In all the situations, it was between losing both my wife and the baby, the baby, or the mother and leaving the baby to survive – what a terrible situation! “There is hope where it seems to be none” the news reached the CRESS office in UK through the South Sudan Director Rev. Joseph Aba ( now the Bishop of Liwolo Diocese). There was a mail from Caroline “Israel – how can CRESS help you?” My humble response was “just a tin of milk to the baby”. It’s through the help from CRESS that Wilfred is and has graduated from TOP class on this Saturday, 23rd November 2019 to Primary ONE next year 2019.

God has blessed the milk you provided at his early childhood life. What a mighty God we serve! Thanks for your prayers.



Panacea Lae Mule going to recieve her Certificate

Dear Sponsor,

Praise God. we give you special thanks for the support you have given us by paying our daughters fees, for all this far. Panacea has officially graduated from Nursery level and preparing to go to P.1 in 2020.

Be Blessed and your family in supporting my kids.

Lots of Love from Panacea and Irene


Panacea with her family members celebrating