A piggery project!

A piggery project!

I get an email from Joseph asking again if there is anyway we can help Victor Bahati – he is a South Sudanese who felt called to go back and work in South Sudan but left his family in Uganda.  Cress has already tried to find sponsorship for his children but they are college age and folk in UK like to sponsor a young child so I have not been successful. However I suggested we help his wife, Peresi Bahati.

I asked Golda Poni who works for Cress with the women to see her as she lives in Mukono where Golda is at University.

Dear Caroline,

I was able to meet with Peresi this afternoon and we had a pretty good chat.

She is interested in the piggery project. She’s been rearing pigs for close to five years now and from our conversation, it’s a pretty profitable business.  She has four pigs at the moment and her plan, if given a small start up fund is to buy two more and then use the rest of the money on feeds and vet medicines.  If reared well, a pig could have up to 8 piglets.

I  think that this is a good business idea . I therefore recommend the usual start up fund.  We’ll monitor her progress thereafter and see if we can include her in the loan scheme in the future.




This was great and Golda sent me some excellent photos – this all coincided with a friend giving a generous donation to Cress and it may be that we send this lady to the farm school in Mukono if she has some land as she looks like a pretty efficient farmer!!

Caroline Lamb