All go in the Cress office today!

All go in the Cress office today!

Monday morning is always a cress morning as Sophie Blick comes to work with me on cress matters. Di Jeans calls round to meet up with Sophie and myself and we go through the list of children and sponsors to discuss who will follow each package up.

This year we have sent every sponsor an envelopes to use so that the size of package is restrained as sometimes they can get very large, plus now there are 80 the size has to be limited.  Di and Sophie are going to do the collecting of the packages and then the making up of ones that are not done by the sponsor.  This is a great weight off my mind and frees up a lot of time.

This year we are going to charter the MAF plane to  Moyo – if we do this then we can have 295kg of extra luggage with us – and then book another 92 kg to come on the plane on the thursday.   We charter our plane on Tuesday 15th September!!!

Sophie and I then work on checking the visa documents,  these go to Adrian as he will then visit the South Sudan embassy in London, which is located near Kings Cross station close to where Adrian works.   Apparently not many people are travelling to South Sudan at the moment so they may do the visas then and there!!  I am not surprised about this as a lot of the country is in civil war but fortunately the part we visit is not at war!

Caroline Lamb, CEO & Founder