Winter Newsletter 2019

Winter Newsletter 2019

In September this year a team of seven CRESS supporters visited our South Sudanese community in the refugee camps of Northern Uganda. Across a trip like this you are exposed to, and share in the full spectrum of human emotion from unbridled joy, to damning despair, hope, sadness, reflection, humility and everything in between. Having now been home for a few weeks, and taken the time to process what we saw and what we learnt, we asked each member one simple question for the newsletter, What moved you most?

We are also asking questions of you the reader…

  • Do you know of any businesses who are looking to support a charity in 2020?
  • Do you shop on Amazon and could you choose CRESS as your Amazon Smile charity?
  • Do you have any loved ones who would like to receive a CRESS Christmas gift?

Here is the full newsletter so you can find out more…

CRESS Winter Newsletter 2019