11year old’s fund-raising success

11year old’s fund-raising success

Art House Johann11 year old student Johann ran a Christmas Art House event raising funds for CRESS in Nunton Church last weekend. He also arranged a concert for the opening night which was well attended.

The funds he has raised are going to provide a Christmas meal for staff at the CRESS funded Clinic in Mijale, the office in Arua and Bishop Joseph Aba.

On hearing the news Johann was sent many messages from Uganda.

This WOW!!! Wow! How lovely thing to do dear little Johann – I think I worked with Cress for 5yrs. This one is incredibly AMAZING to see a little boy like Johann doing a miracle that a 45yrs+ African man will not dream of to do. We at the Cress UK funded clinic in Mijale are SO proud of you Johann and may God bless you more!!!  Please do extend our sincere thanks to the family of Johann and all those who contributed towards our Christmas meals. With many blessings and love from Lulu

Thanks a lot Johann, you have a “large heart” for God’s people and more so obedience to God in loving His people like us whom you have no idea about.
Young as you are, but you gave generously. I am moved by such a faith and care. My heart says……..thank you!!
I love you back, and so equally do I to Caroline who have always sacrifice her life for this poor nation of South Sudan(esp DOL) through her obedience to God’s call. Noel – Cress Savings Officer.

I am left with no word for such a young boy of 11 years doing such a great work of kindness and Love. I know God has stamp his soul and spirit for greater of compassion/humanitarian work for the suffering world. May God continue to bless him and fulfil his divine purpose in his life. Bishop Joseph Aba