Women’s Sanitary Health Project

Women’s Sanitary Health Project

Thanks to the amazing response to our request for new pairs of ladies’ underwear pants the CRESS team took out just under 1,000 pairs in September.

These will be given out to the women who attend the CRESS re-usable sanitary pad project in refugee and IDP camps. The women who will lead this training – Jessica and Jaqueline – attended training a year ago in Uganda and have already trained 100 women.

The distribution of the pants and the sharing of their vision by Caroline and her team during the visit was met with great joy and cheering.

Since we’ve been back

The video and message below were sent by Joel who is ordained and a Chaplain for Bishop Joseph Aba, a friend of CRESS who has been distributing the pants delivered in September.

“This song sang in our Mother’s tongue during the distribution of pants, means ..

Young Women stand up, we need to greet you with great joy and pleasure. Those who heard the words of God are the true Women of God.

They appreciated those who made that contribution in Jesus Name”