Update and latest news: next trip looms

Update and latest news: next trip looms

Update on behind the scenes activity

Founder and CEO of CRESS Caroline Lamb is busy preparing for her next trip back to Uganda and departs on Friday 12th January. She has a long list of items to pack and we hope it will fit in the suitcases being taken.

 Five laptops
 Twelve internet phones
 Some solar chargers 
 Water purifying pills
 Ten megaphones, with batteries and solar chargers
 Outdoor children’s games for the camps
 Printer Inks
 A Laminator
 Card and small amount of money for each sponsored children

In addition, money has been sent ahead for:

 Twenty Bicycles for Mothers Union Leaders in the camps
 Twelve water filters for twelve leaders in the camps
 Two hundred bibles and
 Office furniture so the staff can sit around a table to meet

Caroline will be sending reports during her visit which will be shared here on the website, she is also taking her camera and plans to bring back lots of new images for sharing with you.

Update since the last trip …

You might remember that on her last trip Caroline took out women’s pants and money to start the Sanitary Hygiene Project which has now commenced. The photo below was taken at one of the recent teaching sessions.

sanitary hygiene project