Trauma Training in Imvepi Camp

Trauma Training in Imvepi Camp

In December a trauma training event took place in Imvepi Camp, those who attended wishing for it to be repeated in all camps. Below we share with you Joseph’s email to Caroline following the event.

Dear Caroline,

I would to sincerely appreciate and thank you for the support of trauma in Imvepi refugees camp. My team (Joel, Charles, Daniel Kuti, Emmanuel Diliga, Eluai Loboka and Fred) was in Imvepi since Wednesday evening and I went yesterday Sunday. God has truly came down and spoke to his people.

There many incredible testimonies of healing and deliverance. People release the bitterness, anger and frustration and forgive. One of them say, I was unhappy since I left South Sudan, I was bitter and deep hatred for the dinka, not only because they are responsible for my being here and lost everything I had and to suffer but more so they have killed and burnt my relatives. I have promised not to forgive them until I die but now I have forgiven them from the bottom of my heart.  I felt fresh and happy again. One of the clergy in fact the one in charge of Imvepi, said this teaching is unique not like any other trauma conference they have attended. This is really very good and transforming.

As minister in the top of blessings and curses and Daniel Dube ministered to children class. over 60 children got save. In the main church that I preached the whole church got save. when I asked if any one who is not save and wanted to get save today the whole church got up. I could not believe my eyes. I thought they did not understand  and I repeated again and asked those who are not ready to repent and be save should sit down. Non of them was willing to sit down. The third time I asked are you really serious? All of them answer Yes!!!

I could not asked them to come forward because it was the whole church. I askedthem, those that are serious to raise up they both hands as sign of total surrender to Jesus Christ. The whole congregation raises up their hands. I have no option but to lead them to Christ and also in prayer of deliverance. After the prayer the church sing praises to God in their loud voices. It was very amazing. They request me to thank whoever supported this training and asked me to take all these this teachings in all Zones and other refugees settlement in Arua and Yumbe.

This would have been a wishful thoughts without your financial support. Hopes restored, and lives transformed by the power of word of God and holy spirit.

Such a powerful events will never go without the attention of the enemy. Eluzai Loboka had motorcycle accident and Charles also had serious motorcycle accident and he is admitted to a health centre. serious motorcycle damager. This is the only reaction Satan has done but God remain a victor.

Be blessed for you are a hero.