The situation in refugee camps

The situation in refugee camps

The situation that people are living in, in the refugee Camps is indeed so appalling. People left most of their belongings behind running almost with nothing; they have no shelters, UN gives those Carpets (Plastic Sheets) which they erect and use as shelters. When it rains with strong wind, sometimes the shelter is blown off and they have to stay in the rain. Some of the places given to people are places that flood when it rains. This really brings a psychological and emotional unrest to the children. Hence, children are traumatize!

The food ratio given to the Refugees is not sufficient, some people have resorted to go back to collect the food they left behind but most of the time they end up being killed, many people have lost their lives in this way, living the children as Orphans, you can imagine how the women struggle to raise the children in such a difficult situation.

There are not enough schools to meet the big population of the Refugee children, some organizations and churches have opened up schools but still these schools cannot accommodate the number of children in the Camps, this has led to many children dropping out of school and this is affecting the future of these young people and subsequently the nation of south Sudan

People are not given land to grow food they only have to depend on the food provided for by UN. As they wake up each day people stay idle with nothing to do, this has encouraged Laziness and most of all immoral behavior generating from this Idle life, such as; excessive drinking of alcohol, sexual immorality which is greatly endangering the lives of children.

People are desperately praying to return to their home in South Sudan however there are no indicators that peace is returning soon as the fighting is still on going and there are no peace negotiations taking place to end the fighting.

The Bible says in Psalms 78:1-20, that if Children are brought up in God’s ways and in the fear of the Lord, the nation and its people will be blessed, and will have hope. This is the time for us to invest in the Children so that the problems of our country will not be witnessed by this upcoming generation.

Our Country is in a big mess everywhere, all sorts of evil is witnessed each day, the killings, pervasion, sexual immorality, corruption, Famine to mention but a few, these are things witnessed by our children every day, what do you expect of them when they grow up as they Watch this Violence Tribalism corruption and more so some whose Parents have been brutally murdered in front of their Eyes. Indeed bitterness ravages their hearts. The will not be different from this generation that is practicing such. But Jesus says in John 8:12, “I am the light of the world he who follows me shall not walk in Darkness but have the light of life” The light of Jesus in our Children can brighten the future for our nation, and we will be certain to have a country that is led by God fearing leaders and bound together in Love and Solidarity we will remember this situation No more because Jesus will shine in our country.

Children are vulnerable to the above sited problems and most of these issues affect them negatively. If not guided well through the Word of God, we are most likely to lose a whole generation to the world.

Shared with CRESS by Francis Candiga who the organisation supports by educating three of his chidlren and providing funds for Daniel Batatis who works with him. The above has been taken from the newsletter produced by the Child Evangalism Fellowship of South Sudan.