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The land between

Tuesday 4th July 2017

Last night we kicked off our time together with a leadership training session using the Biblical example of the Israelites in the desert between Egypt and Canaan. They were literally in “The Land Between” and we identified the similarities with the South Sudanese people being a long way from home as refugees. We saw that while “The Land Between” is a fertile place for complaint, it is also a fertile place for God’s provision and transformation. We pray that the people of South Sudan will come through this dreadful experience stronger in their faith and more determined to bring about lasting peace rather than hatred and revenge.

Leadership Training SessionLeadership Training Session in my Hotel Room

Today has been a day of meetings – CRESS leadership meeting all morning, then Pastor Luke Jaymin Muwayi from Precept Ministries Uganda came to meet the team, and finally, a team came from Youth East Africa. Emmanuel, Joseph and Fred have really appreciated this networking and will be making good use of the contacts they have made when they return to the north.

Blog Tuesday 4th July 2017

As we enjoy our comfortable hotel by Lake Victoria in Entebbe, my mind keeps turning back to the refugee camps and the plight of the people living there. Food is in very short supply. Initially, the UN was handing out 24kg of food per person per month, but this reduced to 12kg and then again to 6kg. There is talk of rations being cut further to 3kg of food per person per month. The shortage of food leads to ill health and there are many cases of malaria, typhoid, stomach worms and other diseases. The food ration can be supplemented by growing a few vegetables on the tiny plot of land they are given to live on, but this does not provide them with anywhere near the level of nutrition that they need to live healthy lives. And there is currently no end to this in sight.

We’re going for our evening meal now and then we’ll be attempting to make contact with Caroline (CEO) back in the UK with FaceTime. Last day here tomorrow!

Andrew Robertson

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