Team arrive in Entebbe

Team arrive in Entebbe

Hello everyone well we are here arriving safely and with time for a quick update for you!!!

Jonathan Cullis arrived on Saturday evening after getting up at 2.15am to depart from Coombe Bissett and then arriving in Entebbe at 1735 UK time – a long day !!! He was met by Fred Taban who took him to the peaceful Airport Guesthouse where they shared a beer and had an early night!

At airport with overweight bags
Sunday (today) Jane and I arrived but we had been driven to Heathrow by Peter Guy and caught the largest plane I had ever seen !!!! The Airbus holds 600 people and was so quiet, seats have more room and the food was good with metal cutlery and superior paper napkins in the shades of British Airways. What a way to start our journey. 

We had had a close shave checking in as we were ‘surprise surprise’ overweight – with just under 1,000 pants between us and five laptops between the four of us! The woman checking us in told me I would have to pay £120 for the extra 4kg but then suggested we moved the extra weight to Jane’s suitcases and that would be fine.

Although Jane was already overweight but we followed instructions, repacked and saved the £120!!!

An overnight flight, with a very short night, but a comfortable plane. We then changed at Dubai arriving in Entebbe at 1.30pm local time (11.30am UK time).

We were met by Jonathan and Fred and went straight to the guest house to unpack and then to the Lake Victoria Hotel for a swim and relax. 

Good to see Fred again and he and Jonathan are in heaven as it is Newcastle v Brighton tonight so they will be glued to the TV! Fred met Jonathan wearing his Brighton scarf!!! 

Tomorrow is a day of preparation, money changing and planning our visits to the refugee camps. Jane and Jonathan will blog tomorrow so please do revise the website.

Good to be back here!!

Caroline Lamb
Founder and CEO, Sunday 24 September 2017