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We take welfare seriously

This is an email that Caroline sent to Joseph Aba only today. At CRESS we take the welfare of our team extremely seriously and do all we can to take care of them.

Dear Joseph 

I am aware that life for you as a church leader life and ministry is very very stressful at the moment – and as part of our commitment to you and Fred as senior leadership in CRESS SS it is necessary for CRESS  to find extra funds for you to go about every 2 months down to Kampala – this will give you a chance to get away and get some rest and strength spiritually

The break will refresh you – it is so important that the leadership stays able to lead even if it means taking some privileges others cannot

So when are you next going to Kampala? CRESS is happy to add some extra funds for you to stay on down and eat Chicken!!! 

With thanks

Joseph’s Response

Dear Caroline

It is truly the call of God for us to shoulder the burdens of our people. People have put their trust and hope in us in meeting their needs. That is why they are calling and even take the trouble to come. It is very stressful when you do not have any thing to give them. This is not how our people use to be, we are all force to these kind of situation. I am grateful that is with us and friends like you are there for us.  That is why we are happy!!

I will informed you when to be in Kampala. I appreciate you so much for your tender care.


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