It’s hard to imagine what it is like living in a land that has faced so much upheaval through years of war.

The role of women in South Sudan is generally one of extreme hardship and back breaking work. Unfortunately, many families have been separated, are forced to live apart or have suffered loss, and women are not usually financially independent.

There is a great opportunity to help women build a role in the family and community, which makes use of their talents and skills, bringing in additional income to the family, which in turn improves stability and opportunity for the children. The development of small businesses is proven to bring self-sufficiency, opportunities for economic development and wealth creation, and most importantly builds self-esteem.

We have already helped small businesses get off the ground by providing ‘seed money’ and equipment, like sewing machines, as well as training in ‘running a business’ and money management. So far we have seen some good successes and we have one lady, Florence, who may be vying with Sir Richard Branson in a few years’ time!

In the early stages of this project much was learnt and, now Golda is on the ground providing guidance and support, we are expecting to see even greater results and outcomes from the small businesses that we support.

If you believe that providing women with training and skills, equipment and self-esteem will help families provide for themselves, please make a donation.