Daniel Batatis, one of our sponsored children

Being a child in South Sudan is hard!  Most children don’t go to school, and can be found working in the fields and quarries, extremely hard work.  Education is a paid for privilege, and not attainable for most families who simply can’t afford it to send their children to school.

At CRESS we believe that providing a good standard of education to the young people of South Sudan is an effective way of helping to ensure that the future is brighter for all.  Education was the first area in which we worked and funded, as an immediate benefit for all and is ongoing work.

How our programme works

We provide education through a sponsorship program, supporting 90 children (May 2016) and aim to support up to 100 children at any one time, in all stages of education.  At our current size as a charity this is the level of support at which we know we can ensure success and treat each child as an individual.

All of our Sponsors have a named child, who receive an annual progress report.  Each the children knows who their sponsor is, and writes at least once a year to their sponsor.  Unlike other sponsorship schemes we pride ourselves on creating relationships between the sponsor and child, in some cases sponsors have even been to visit their child and attended graduation ceremonies!

This long term and committed relationship is fundamental to improving the child’s outcome and success at school.  The children that we sponsor attend a variety of schools, some in South Sudan and some in Uganda, and we always have a waiting list!

What is the commitment?

  • Sponsoring a child in a Primary school costs £25per month
  • Sponsoring a child in a Senior School costs £45 per month
  • Sponsoring a young person into further education, including university costs £90 per month

Because of the way we run our sponsorship program we are looking for long term commitment from a potential sponsor and welcome the opportunity to discuss our programme with you.  If you would like to learn more about our sponsorship program, please visit this page.

If you would like to help us continue supporting the South Sudanese people, please get in touch with us or make a donation.