Caroline on bikeThe South Sudan CRESS team bring ideas or proposal that offer simple solutions to problems faced daily by the team or the community, (although on occasion these have been not so simple or small!).  Whenever we can and providing it meets the charity’s overall aim and objectives, we always respond to need.

Making a difference on the ground

  • Transport and getting around the country is one of the daily challenges our team faces. Reverend Joseph Aba, our main man on the ground and the person who overseas the implementation of our projects was provided with a motorcycle to assist him in carrying out his duties.
  • IT equipment is invaluable to helping our own staff team work more efficiently and keep in touch with the UK. We also provide such equipment to schools, recently providing a printer to Romogi Barebo Primary School. Often items delivered are funded by our wonderful supporters and are always much appreciated and treated with great care.
  • We have also funded the installation of water filters in homes and we believe that we have seen a dramatic improvement in the health of these families. However, we need to find an effective way to service and maintain these filters, before we invest further in this area.
  • Training of CRESS staff in South Sudan is extremely important and occurs during our visits in January and September of each year.
  • Clergy Conference 2015

    Clergy Conference 2015

    As part of our relationship with the Diocese, we funded and helped deliver a Clergy Conference in 2015, which helped to develop church networks and communication and provided valuable teaching opportunities.

  • Organised by CRESS and also in 2015 the Mothers’ Union Conference, provided basic workshops on topics such as, health, money and business. The women of the country are resilient, resourceful and quite inspiring!

The UK CRESS team play a valuable role in the conferences it organises and funds, sharing skills and knowledge, although it has to be said, probably gaining far more in return.  These important events play a major role in the relationship between the people of both countries and are invaluable to the work that we do.

If you would like to help us continue supporting the South Sudanese people, please get in touch with us or make a donation.