RUMPS Re-Usable Menstrual Pads Training

RUMPS Re-Usable Menstrual Pads Training

CRESS RUMPS (Re-Usable Menstrual Pads) training starts tomorrow and today some 354 women turned up to register at Matu which is a small Ugandan village about ten miles south of the South Sudan Uganda Border. There is only funding for 200 women to complete this cutting edge training and this is what Edward Mika the Head of the CRESS  Mijale Clinic said

“We were amazed to be handed a number of participants to be 354 almost double the expected 200 people we told them we will take the 200 with the condition that the second training will be still in Matu to complete this remaining number. We also told them that we pray that our friends will get money soon and we commence the second training.”

Available to both South Sudanese refugee and Ugandan local women. Both groups are so poor that this issue is a major challenge and the cause of many health issues. The training lasts four days and includes teaching on the menstrual cycle and not being ashamed, plus family planning.

Sunday service where prayers for this new training were held.

The photo above is from the Sunday Service where prayers were taken.

Matu Village

The above photo is of Matu Village and photos of the food being delivered for the two hundred trainees.

CRESS UK is very excited to be involved with such an unusual but much-needed training – sadly there are no funds at present to do anymore. CRESS Uganda would love to continue this training in the IDP and refugee camps – this is just the start!

Caroline Lamb
Founder and CEO