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Refugee fund continues to do good

The refugee fund continues to do amazing things and we were recently able to send money to Fred Taban for the Church leaders so they might buy and distribute food in the camps where the situation remains dire. People walk or cycle many miles to bathe and do laundry due to restricted access and usage of water in the camps. There is little or no shelter, schools are filled to capacity and there is no provision for older children resulting in anti-social behaviour.

This is direct refugee support by CRESS and made possibly by your generous and continued support.

“Thank you once again for the refugees funds that has greatly help our people. 26 leaders were able to benefit on 2000$ you graciously send for us. They were great testimonies from these men of God. That is the first of its kind in the history of our church that they are remembered in such a way in their suffering. Most of the used the money for food, medicines for the children, building materials for their houses, schools among others. They are all overjoyed and thankful indeed for the support. Well done for work of love in serving us in our our difficult time. May God bless you all more abundantly.” Fred Taban

Distributing mosquito nets (1)

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