Inspired to
supp_inspired_to_teach_logo'Inspired to Teach' tells the fascinating story of the much-loved college in Cathedral Close. Its absorbing history, from 1841 until closure in 1978, is brought to life through memoirs, letters, photographs and documents.
Jenny Head and Anne Johns support the work of CRESS by donating the profit of their book 'Inspired to Teach' to further the purpose of The College of Sarum St Michael (formerly Salisbury Teacher Training College).

supp_sandwich_bank“The Sandwich Bank” is a long established family-run Sandwich shop which incorporates “Good to Eat” cold buffet delivery service. Long time supporters of CRESS who have elected to raise funds to support the Liwolo Clinic midwife.

St James',
supp_st_james_devisisSt James has had a relationship with the Diocese of Kajo Keji over many years, a relationship which has seen the building up of personal relationships, individual giving, visits to Kajo Keji and the undertaking of collective fundraising for significant items such as a lorry and PA equipment. 

St James is focusing its giving around educational support and to ensure funds reach the right people and is used as effectively as possible. St James is working with CRESS as it’s operational partner in Kajo Keji, and also work with CRESS on more strategic issues and have a seat on the CRESS Board of Trustees.

Send A
supp_send_a_cowA collaborative partner with CRESS, Send A Cow work in Africa to end hunger. Set up over 25-years ago by a group of farmers from the UK who were outraged at EU milk quotas, which were forcing them to slaughter healthy dairy cows, and in response to an appeal from Uganda for milk, they embarked on a project, which was set to become an innovative and practical charity.

Broad Chalke Primary
Broad-Chalke-School-logoSet in extensive grounds on the edge of Broad Chalke village, this church-aided community school and its pupils are keen supporters of CRESS. They have held many successful fundraising events and thanks to their sterling efforts we were able to take balls, games and so much more to the children of South Sudan in August 2015.

SureChill_logoA Sure Chill refrigerator is designed to work without power for many days and has devices in over 38 countries around the world. They are helping to keep vaccines safe in all types of locations across Africa, Asia, and Europe.

MAF Flying for
MAF Flying for lifeMAF is a global movement bringing transformation to remote communities around the world flying medical, relief and life-transforming help to vulnerable people in hard-to-reach places. They provide flights to 1,500 aid, development and mission organisations including CRESS.

Seed Programs
Seed Programs InternationalPlanting hope and opportunity, Seed Programs International provides quality seeds and critically-needed expertise to impoverished communities in developing countries. People around the world are achieving better lives for their families and their communities with the support of SPI.

Kasenge Riverford Organic Center
Kasenge RiverfordA rural and training centre for integrated sustainable organic agriculture with participants given on-site technical advice to improve their skills and knowledge in group formation and dynamics, animal husbandry, hygiene, organic farming, environmental conservation, nutrition, simple record and business management.

Diocese of Kajo-Keji
Diocese-of-KKThe Diocese of Kajo-Keji (DKK) is one of the 43 Dioceses of the Episcopal Church of South Sudan and Sudan (ECSS & S). The Diocese borders Juba county on the North, Lainya and Morobo counties on the West, Magwi county on the East and Moyo and Yumbe Districts of Uganda on the southern part.

CRESS works closely with the Diocese who we have a long standing relationship with.

Flame International
Flame InternationalFlame International is a UK-based charity that takes teams of trained volunteers from around the world to bring hope through reconciliation and healing to communities suffering the effects of post-conflict trauma.