Our first setback …

Our first setback …

Our first setback. After a 5am start we arrived at Kajjansi airstrip to see our MAF plane taking off without us! It left an hour earlier than we’d thought. Anyway, we met up with Jane Poggo who along with Fred thought this was highly amusing and African spirit kicked in.

“And we know in all things God works for the good of those who love him … ” Romans 8 v28 

We weighed up our options and decided to take a minibus by road to Arua, rather than wait for a later flight. This was a 7-hour drive but the trip was exciting: driving on half-built roads, seeing monkeys climb in the driver’s cab of a truck, much to our amusement and the owner’s annoyance, and Jonathan being nearly arrested and having his camera confiscated by an armed guard. The crime-taking photos on a bridge. All was resolved when they realised they weren’t getting any money.

We arrived safely in Arua at the new CRESS office and were greeted by Bishop Joseph Aba, his wife Yango and three year old Esther, as well as other office staff, Rose and Eric. We were suitably fed and watered African style. Then Caroline caught up with the office team while the rest of us retired to a nearby hotel to freshen up after our long sticky journey. This evening we all go to Bishop Emmanuel’s house, although he is in Juba, we will meet up with his wife, Cecilia, and some other women. 

Dr Jane Guy