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Bishops of the Central Equatorial Internal Province meeting

Last week the Bishops of the Central Equatorial Internal Province gathered in Arua, the purpose of the meeting to chart ways for peace in the face of ever-increasing violence.

The role of CRESS

Bishops Joseph and Emmanuel with Fred Taban were charged with overseeing the arrangements for a successful conference. It was challenging, daunting and demanding, an assignment of great importance bringing together the thirteen Bishops!

Violence continues in South Sudan

The Bishop’s met to discuss the situation of the Dioceses of Kajo Keji and Liwolo and the South Sudanese people who have fled the violence of their country. A violence that continues and where more innocent people have been killed.

The people who have fled South Sudan are living in IDP camps and are isolated in Northern Uganda. As we’re sure you can appreciate this creates a problem for the Ugandan government. 

The Bishops talked for a full week and came up with a communiqué which they then signed. They then went into a church in Bidi Bidi Camp on Sunday to lead a service.

Six bishops at Emmanuel Church in Bidi Bidi Camp

You can find more photos from the week here.

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