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Clinic will reopen and latest news


The Liwolo Clinic, since opening in September 2015 has provided health care to a community of over 40,000 people. It has been used by UN staff and Chinese who worked with the UN on the three bridges in Kaya, Koni and Kayibo.

The First Commissioner and other government dignitaries all visited and just like the UN were highly impressed with the efficient way the clinic handled the many cases presented daily. Bishops from across the country who came for the consecration and enthronement of Bishop Emmanuel Murye in January earlier this year were also amazed by the standard of the clinic and the quality of services offered.

In January when Caroline Lamb (Founder and CEO) visited she commented upon the deserted towns following a mass exodus of the people from the region to Uganda and other displaced person camps. Not long after her return to the UK the CRESS team in South Sudan also had to evacuate the area and close the clinic; with staff placing themselves in danger to remove all items including the solar roof panels.

time of uncertaintySince this time, the CRESS office has reopened in Aura, where thanks to your support rent has been paid for a full year. Times are extremely challenging in the country with food scarce and the cost of everything increasing many times over. The South Sudanese pound has become virtually worthless making any economic activity almost impossible in the country and this too attributed to the exodus.  This has put considerable strain on the charity as we seek to support the team finding accommodation and feeding themselves and their families.

Reopening the clinic so that it might provide services to the refuges has been of paramount importance but challenging.  We are now thrilled to announce the clinic will reopen later this month in Mijale about 15km south of Liwolo. We shall share photos and provide further updates soon.

CRESS South Sudan team have located every one of the 90 sponsored children and found that each child is now at a Ugandan School, many are boarding which means they do not have to endure the harsh conditions in the refugee camps where the rest of their families are living. The children can at least have some kind of a childhood and also be educated. They are the very fortunate few due to our generous CRESS UK sponsors.

Joseph Aba has been very involved with advocacy work in Uganda and South Sudan

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