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Joseph Aba’s father sadly passed

We have received extremely sad news that Joseph Aba’s father has sadly passed, a man that was regarded as the Grandfather of CRESS. Burials are taken extremely seriously and are significant events in Africa.

He died peacefully in Kampala and the body will be transported back to the home village of Liwolo. Joseph has shared the events that will take place and asks for our prayers for God’s comfort and safe travel, security and finances to meet the cost of transportation.

My Father was called Nicanora Wani Rubben. He was born around 1935 and died on  15th July, 2017. He was baptised in Uganda around 1954. and worked in the church as chairman of church committee for development and preachers. In 1984 he was elected a chairperson for the development of Liwolo Rural Deanery the current Liwolo Area diocese.

In 1986 he was elected as headman of Liwolo clan and in 1987 he was elected as Executive Chief of Kendri Boma. He established the first school in the community during the war of SPLM that has produced good leaders for the community and nation. He is most respected, eloquent speaker, the brain of the community in all community issues. He is well known in the community in resolving community and domestic dispute and violence.

His funeral though in a difficult time, where most of the people have gone into refugees, came for his funeral in their thousands just because of his legacy. He is an icon of unity, justice, truth and for development. He has set for us the role model. I love my father. Go in peace and enjoy your eternity with Jesus Christ you work for in the rest of your life.

Joseph Aba

Please join us in our prayers for Joseph and his family at this time.


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