Introducing Godfrey

Introducing Godfrey

Godfrey is currently in his last year at Mengo School in Uganda and is working hard to achieve his aspiration of going to university to become an engineer. Mengo is one of the top schools and Godfrey would have been selected to attend.

CRESS has been supporting Godfrey in his education for seven years, he was the first child to receive CRESS sponsorship. In the film clip he thanks his sponsors and shares his hopes for the future.

School Profile

Founded in 1895 by the Church Missionary Society (CMS) it is the oldest school in Uganda. It is a co-educational government-aided school and although Church of Uganda Founded it admits students of all faiths. It provides secular education which is in line with the Uganda national goals and objectives of education. The school recognizes global trends and has always organised and re-organised its curricula to suit the needs of the changing world.

Mongo School motto

“AKWANA AKIRA AYOMBA”. This literally means that one who aspires to make friends is better off than one who engages in quarrels.