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Helping where we can

Being a small charity enables us to be extremely flexible in our approach and how we spend funds generously given to CRESS. Recently, Canon Henry, had his children’s school fees stolen and we were able to pay this for him. Below is his response.

Dear my Beloved Sister in Christ Caroline,

Greetings to you and the CRESS Team in UK.

Please accept my apology for having not written for long since mid February due to my struggling to look for funds and documents to facilitate my trip to India for my yearly interrogations of pacemaker general investigations and treatment.

Secondly I was not access to email for long and due to my movement to Juba, Uganda and India.

Thirdly the money to replace the lost one, took time for me to receive due to the long distance of CRESS Office in Arua.

I would therefore like to appreciate your kind considerations for the decision taken to replace the lost money for support of the education of my children. I have lost hope but God has used you and the Team to relief my burdens to find funds, but instate my burdens were replaced by great happiness, thank you for your honour and trust in me.

Extend my greetings to those who support CRESS.

God bless you all.
Canon Henry L. Waran Monga

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