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CRESS office and clinic open for business

In the last week of January (2017) the CRESS office and clinic closed and all equipment was removed. It was a sad time for all concerned and finding new premises was a priority. Fred Taban recently visited the Clinic in Liwolo which he reported is still intact and in good condition, so far avoiding damage. In part, this is due to the rebel soldiers in the area who Fred met and who advised him to move the wire fencing that had been kindly donated by the UN. Fred immediately sourced a lorry and the fencing is now safely stored in the churchyard.

New Office

New CRESS office in Arua

As you may be aware premises for the office were found in Arua with good Wifi, solar power and fit for purpose!

We are also now thrilled to report that a clinic will open in Mijale next month (June) about 15km south of Liwolo. The clinic will provide health care to refugees, although this might be limited service until registration is complete and approved for operating in Uganda. As you can imagine this is very exciting news for the CRESS team in South Sudan and is thanks to your support and the tireless efforts of the team on the ground.

New clinic

New clinic premises opening in June!


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