Cost of food has risen beyond imagination!

Cost of food has risen beyond imagination!

Today it was Wellspring and we have Susan Downie leading worship and speaking on generosity – everyone enjoyed the morning

We also collected for Fred’s family as the cost of food has risen beyond imagination and is in short supply.  Fred had written to me saying about his wife who feeds 9 children and lives in a refugee camp in Arua Northern Uganda.

Peres says cost of commodities especially foodstuff have just risen beyond anyone’s imagination due to three major factors: (1) high demand for food from South Sudan especially Juba, (2) an influx of refugees from West Equatoria state of South Sudan and (3) low food availability because of this year’s failed harvest.  Prices are expected to rise further as there is nothing happening to correct the status quo and food demand keeps rising.  (I feel utterly sick in this country when I see a lot of food and with literally nobody needing it when I know of thousands (including my own) out there in dire need of food!).  Given these realities it becomes very difficult to give a realistic estimate of how much would be required for a month’s period.  Let us just say anywhere from pounds 100 depending on what the Lord provides.”

Amazingly we managed (with a few other donations) to collect £400 which I then sent out via Western Union – Fred’s oldest son Sunday then collected the money and travelled to Arua with it immediately so the family could buy some food.

The only food they will be eating is beans and maize with some greens – nothing else really.  We would not cope well in these circumstances!

Caroline Lamb