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Clergy Conference 2015 a great success!

We were so grateful for a cooler morning and enjoyed breakfast on the verandah, looking out on Papaya trees laden with ripening fruit.  The Clergy Conference 2015, attended by pastors from several dioceses in South Sudan, has gone very well today.  It is being held at the Kajo Keji Cathedral, a short walk from the Bishop’s house.   Andrew, Jacob and Adrian have led the main sessions.  Their teaching has focused on discipleship and the leaders’ role in supporting this within their churches.  There have been good times for discussion and a chance to pray together.  Caroline and Adrian have also been able to meet with Bishop Anthony to discuss Cress work and their plans for the coming year.  They came away very encouraged.

At the end of the day we were able to explore and walk down to the river with the Bishop.  As we passed the secondary school, the Head Boy approached us to show us their football.  It was made of cloth wrapped up with string and was coming apart.  Caroline was able to invite him to come up to the house to collect one of the footballs that had been donated to Cress, together with several bags of tennis balls.  Thank you to all of you who have donated and made that possible!

We had mudfish for supper which we saw alive only hours earlier and it was lovely to share this with Maggie and Jeremy who were back with us after their 24 hours in Liwolo.  More from them later.

The water levels are very low at the moment and people are concerned.  Please pray for sufficient rain for the crops.  We had a short shower this evening, but it was over all too quickly.

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