Christmas Meal 2017

Christmas Meal 2017

Wellspring kindly collected £500 for Bishop Joseph and Fred Taban to use for a Christmas Day meal. Below you can read the email and photos received from Joseph.

Email from Joseph

Dear Caroline

In behalf of my family and in my own behalf, we do not know how we can better thank and appreciate you and CRESSUK as charity for your continues love, care, kindness and generosity. This Christmas would have been very difficult for all of us. But you took off this worries and burdens when you graciously provided for this Christmas.  As bishop, people expected me to feed them, particularly in the context of refugees like this. You made Yango and I to simile as we see our house was full of people, happy and praising God for his love for them even in exile. Yango prepared big food for almost more than 50 people. we bought ram, beef, chicken, greens,  rice, sugar, soda and among others. This was not shared with south Sudanese alone but also with our host community . 

My friend Bishop of church of Uganda, Madi and West Nile diocese , visited me too on the first of January. It was very easy for us. Humbly accept our sincere gratitude and thanks for your generosity and lovingkindness.

With Love

The first photo is when the money was divided and distributed, the bottom photo is Joseph at the Bishops house.

Christmas Meal 2017