CRESS - Christian Relief and Education for South Sudanese - Susan Omba

The meeting of Bishops

The photos shared below are not of the best quality but we believe give you a flavour of the event last week and the meeting of Bishops. Signing of communiqué Six bishops at Emmanuel church Bidi Bidi Archbishop Paul leading Devotion Susan Omba presenting women needs to the Archbishop Service at...

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CRESS - Christian Relief and Education for South Sudanese - A testing day in Africa

A testing day in Africa

Yesterday was one of the most testing days, physically, emotionally and practically. Africa threw as many curveballs as it could muster at us and on more than one occasion we wondered if we would ever reach Moyo. After a desultory breakfast at the otherwise comfortable but oddly named Desert Breeze...

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Aciga Family

Thanks received

Alex Aciga has one son at school in Uganda and two daughters at university, one studying IT and the other to be a clinical officer – all three are doing very well. CRESS was also able to help is wife who participated in the agriculture programme and was a peer group leader....

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Canon Henry

Helping where we can

Being a small charity enables us to be extremely flexible in our approach and how we spend funds generously given to CRESS. Recently, Canon Henry, had his children’s school fees stolen and we were able to pay this for him. Below is his response. Dear my Beloved Sister in Christ...

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Refugee situation in Rhino Camp

Report from Fred Taban: Refugee From South Sudan and based in Rhino camp Arua Northern Uganda and working for CRESS It is now 6 weeks ago that we were forced to evacuate from our peaceful Kajo-Keji to practically not knowing where to! 26/01/2017 will forever remain a day to recall...

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News from Fred in Kampala

Last week Fred Taban was in Kampala taking a break, something he desperately needed having invited 72 people (refugees) to live in his small house in Arua, which is very tiring as I am sure you can imagine. This time away from his home was to rest and so he...

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Photo 17-01-2017, 11 38 49

A bonkers African day

Well today was one of those “bonkers African days’ as Adrian likes to call them! It is now 8.30pm and I am finally back lying on my bed typing – there are over 100 people in this house ready for tomorrow so the ear plugs later and my iPod are...

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Ven. Eli Mawa Ludanga - Archdeacon of  Bori Archdeadocnry

Saving a Life

On Tuesday this week I received an email from Joseph Aba asking for urgent help for one of the fathers that CRESS supports, a certain Elly Mawa.  Elly has 2 children educated by CRESS and is the archdeacon of the parish of Bori and leads a large church as well...

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Charity Gala Evening

The Trustees of CRESS are delighted to announce details of their Charity Gala Evening.  Please join us for a Champagne reception, three course supper and music to help raise much needed funds. Charity Gala Evening On Wednesday 28th September 2016 at Salisbury Cathedral Refectory you are invited to an evening of...

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Malaria kills a child every two minutes

Every 2 minutes a child dies of malaria That is a pretty scary statistic isn’t it?  Malaria is carried by the Mosquito and netting is a proven and trusted solution with bed nets reducing the incidence of malaria by 90 percent. ** Every year, malaria causes 214 million illnesses and is responsible...

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