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What a wonderful start to the trip

What a wonderful start, with blessing after blessing A smooth run through the traffic and delightful ladies at the check-in who waved our extra baggage fee because of the work we are going to do. They said it was their contribution! Fiona Sheldon No hold ups in security! Then… we...

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CRESS - Christian Relief and Education for South Sudanese - Map

January 2018 Prayer Itinerary

Please pray For safety, good health, smooth on-time flights, safe travel on passable roads ! good visits, discussions and decisions. On Friday 12th January Caroline, Fiona and Becky will be heading out on the first trip of 2018. They will be spending time with Bishop Joseph, the CRESS team in Aura...

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CRESS - Christian Relief and Education for South Sudanese - Christmas Angel

Christmas Meal 2017

Wellspring kindly collected £500 for Bishop Joseph and Fred Taban to use for a Christmas Day meal. Below you can read the email and photos received from Joseph. Email from Joseph Dear Caroline In behalf of my family and in my own behalf, we do not know how we can...

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Canon Henry Rev1

Wonderful people of South Sudan

We recently posted a thank you from Rev. Canon Henry Leju which you can read here. Canon Henry is one of the truly amazing people that we have the pleasure of working with. A man of many hats Henry is a man of many hats in the diocese but his...

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Clinic Update

We have heard from Fred regarding the new clinic who reports that it’s still tricky to give a definitive date for the opening as work on the premises is on going.  Yesterday Fred had a meeting with the Yumbe District Health Authority to discuss the attainment of a government operating license, which...

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Events Key On Keyboard Meaning Occurrence, Happening Or Incident

Sale of Sales – Friday 27 January 2017

Please join us on Friday 27th January for the Sale of all Sales at Coombe Bissett Village Hall. All proceeds to benefit Salisbury Hospice and CRESS!  Come along, enjoy a browse and stop for refreshment.

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Smallest of things that make the biggest difference

While back here in the UK we jiggle and juggle budgets to cover the salaries and general running costs, it is without doubt the smallest of things that make the biggest difference to the Clinic team.  Can you image a clinic running for over a year without a stretcher, not...

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New Bishop for Kajo Keji

The Bishop of Kajo Keji (Right Reverend Anthony Poggo) has been appointed as Advisor on International Affairs to the Archbishop of Canterbury.. Anthony has been a great support to CRESS and the UK teams have stayed in his house when visiting South Sudan. Our huge congratulations to him as he...

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Imagine only eating every other day

Today we share pictures of local people receiving maize seed from the CRESS team. The money that made this possible was provided by the Salisbury Sudans Link and sent via CRESS to Liwolo where the harvests failed due to the recent droughts and the people have no seed to sow...

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Another busy week of treatment for Fred

We continue to support Fred in his treatment and last week he had four different medical appointments. On Monday he received three different vaccinations at Downton pharmacy which unfortunately made him feel ill for 2 days. Then on Wednesday Disie Rushforth took him for his MRI scan at New Hall...

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