Frances for CRESS

There is always hope and light

There is always hope and light in difficult times and our blog is to share the good stories as much as the troubles and challenges being faced by our CRESS team in South Sudan. This is Francis Candiga who is supported by CRESS and was recently given a new laptop, which...

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time of uncertainty

A time of uncertainty for all

It is extremely hard for us back here in the UK in these uncertain times when the CRESS team in South Sudan are facing daily challenges and struggles both in their work and personally.  Their lives have quite literally been turned upside down – the changes since I left just...

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clinic Sept 2015

Crowdfunder: Urgent medical care

The Liwolo Clinic opened in September 2015 and has become a lifeline, not just for the people of Kajo Keji but for those from many miles around. Since fighting has escalated over the last couple of months, the clinic staff (including a fully trained nurse and midwife) have taken the difficult decision to close the...

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Flyer 4th March Cress UK

Classical music in aid of CRESS

Bringing classical music to your doorstep in aid of CRESS – 4th March 2017 Come and join us for the 2017 Concert Series Premier. Listen as London based Artistes, Alexandra Frazer, Harriet Mulchrone and John Holland-Avery entertain you with classics through the ages. Singing songs and arias from The Renaissance...

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File 01-02-2017, 12 45 03

The impact on CRESS

The situation in South Sudan and impact on CRESS Many of you will already be aware of the situation in South Sudan, now one of the most dangerous countries for aid workers.  Daily we hear from our team and pray for them as they risk their own lives to carry...

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Christmas in a refugees settlement

My Dear Reader, I spent the last Christmas in Rhino Camp Refugees Settlement, North Uganda. It is not particularly a place really fit for human settlement but because one is a refugee it becomes far better than one’s own country! Rhino Camp is situated North West of Uganda along the...

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From crimes to genocide

Before the signing of the Peace Agreement, we were talking about crimes, after the signing of the Peace Agreement, we are now talking about genocide unfolding in South Sudan. The chaos goes on seemingly unabated in South Sudan. Public affairs Editor Paul Busharizi sat down with human rights and governance expert Dr...

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Airport Guest House

Last day before Caroline heads home

Last day! Another cool night and morning – guests come and go in this simple guest house but the staff are good and the place is quiet with a number of missionaries also using it. Yesterday the three of us (myself, Fred and Joseph) spent the day at Lake Victoria...

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Photo 17-01-2017, 11 38 59

Latest news from Uganda

This comes from Uganda – I sit typing and Joseph and Fred sit with their Coca-Colas watching the big screen of some African Football game – they are very happy. This morning when I woke up at Emmanuel’s house I thought more about the service yesterday and the hidden messages...

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