A sad farewell to Andrew Robertson

After 18 months of working with CRESS, Andrew Robertson is stepping down as UK Operations Manager to pursue further opportunities. He has visited the people of Kajo Keji twice in that time and has also been working to improve the systems here in the UK end of the charity. Andrew...

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Leadership retreat

Our leadership retreat concluded today. After breakfast, we met to discuss CRESS business and finalise our report, and then Bishop Emmanuel led us in an informal service of Holy Communion down by the lake. This was a memorable occasion when thanks was given for all the CRESS supporters in the UK, and prayers were...

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Meeting with Pastor Luke from Precept Ministries

The land between

Tuesday 4th July 2017 Last night we kicked off our time together with a leadership training session using the Biblical example of the Israelites in the desert between Egypt and Canaan. They were literally in “The Land Between” and we identified the similarities with the South Sudanese people being a...

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A refugee family with a one week old baby under a mosquito net

Planning for arrival of the Bishops!

Monday 3rd April 2017 Fred Taban and I spent the morning planning a programme and preparing for the arrival of Bishop Emmanuel (Patron of CRESS) and Bishop Joseph (Executive Chairman of CRESS) who are arriving in Entebbe this afternoon. The next two days will be spent in business meetings, discussing...

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A day of rest for Adrian and Andrew

We took a bit of time out today as it’s Adrian’s last day and we all have a busy week ahead. At 7.30am, we set off in a taxi for Calvary Chapel, which is on the other side of Entebbe. The church website said the first (English) service started at...

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First hand account of the refugee situation

Saturday 1st July 2017 We’ve had no internet all day and it’s just come back on at 6.30pm so here are a few lines to tell you about our day. This morning after breakfast, we asked the hotel staff if we could use a restaurant table and the three of...

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Meeting John and Cathie Rutter from CMS

An overnight stay in Moyo

Friday June 30th 2017 Last night was spent in a small hotel in a rural area of Moyo. When we arrived they apologised that there was no electricity in our rooms, but we felt that compared with the plight of the refugees only a few miles away this was no more...

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Visiting CRESS office in Arua

Thursday 29th June 2017 Our first stop today was the CRESS office in Arua. We were so impressed by the way that the team has settled in there and continued the work of CRESS in this new location. We enjoyed lunch with three Bishops, Anthony, Emmanuel and Joseph and then...

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2017-06-28 20.07.33

Andrew and Adrian arrive in Moyo

Wednesday 28th June 2017 It was a 5am alarm for us this morning. We repacked our bags ready for the MAF flight, then it was 6am breakfast before Patrick, our regular taxi driver, arrived at 6.15am to drive us through Entebbe and out to Kajjansi MAF airstrip. Once through security,...

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2017-06-27 07.16.10

Adrian and Andrew arrive safely in Uganda

Adrian and Andrew arrived safely in Uganda flying via Amsterdam and Rwanda before touching down in Entebbe. A straightforward journey except for a bumpy landing which the pilot apologised for saying it had bruised his ego but not the plane. They stayed at the Airport Guest House waking to a...

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