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Team arrive safely in Entebbe

We arrived last night after an 8 and a half hour flight, travelling over 4000 miles. After inspiration offered by such cinematic delights as Inside out, and Cinderella (directed by Kenneth Branagh) with their ‘messages at different levels’ we were keen to embrace the adventures offered by the Cress Trip...

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Update from Maggie Metcalfe

We are in the process of packing our bags for South Sudan and feel overwhelmed by the generosity and kindness of so many people who have contributed items for us to take with us.  Small boxes and carrier bags have appeared on our doorstep over the last couple of months...

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Preparing for her first visit to the South Sudan!

I am Maggie Metcalfe and neither my husband Jeremy nor I have been to South Sudan before.  We went to Jinja in Uganda 5 years ago so think we have some idea of what to expect – but that really means we understand what it is like not to have...

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Departure date drawing ever closer!

The team have been packing for days, which is a feat in itself!  British Airways allow 3 suitcases per person, so with a team of 6 that makes 18.  However we have a problem, the 80+ sponsors of our children have got carried away in their generosity and made their...

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packing photo

Packing has begun!

This is the month to start thinking hard about our trip and departure on September 12th!  There is a LOT of packing to be done and still matters to organise with the team in South Sudan! Di Jeans and Sophie Blick have been emailing every sponsor to arrange collection of their...

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Plans are well underway for the clinic ‘grand’ opening

Sadly we heard yesterday that Becky cannot now come with us in September as she has to stay at home to look after her father who is having a major operation.   Thanks to her wonderful fundraising efforts already and that of St James’s and the local primary school we...

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Image 12-hours of darkness every single night!

Caroline received a lovely email from Joseph saying the Solar is installed in his house and the clinic; for Joseph and his family this is the first time they have ever had electricity in his 45 years of life!  With 12 hours of darkness every single night it is a...

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Uganda Feb 2015

Hello everyone Here we are again in Uganda I am here with Adrian Burholt who has the grand title of Strategic Adviser – we worked on documents on the flight and then this morning at the lovely Lake Victoria Hotel We had stayed the night in a simple guest house...

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January 2015

Monday 26th January Just met with Susan Thayer and she is keen to sponsor a child having heard about CRESS at Broadchalke School – she says that everytime she hears what life is like in South Sudan and how little money is needed to make a difference she has a...

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Fred Taban

Everyone who met Fred Taban during his recent week-long stay in Broad Chalke found him to be a charming man and a very eloquent speaker. When I met him on New Year’s Eve he told me something about his early life and his work in South Sudan. He was born...

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