The frustration of water in Africa

Africa can be a frustrating place for many people who live there. One of their frustrations is water. There is either too much or too little. They plan for both scenarios but for vegetable growing water needs to be there always in exactly the right amount. One of Mama Yunia...

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Yango with group leader Joyce Poni

Olivia receives joyful welcome in Arua

Upon safe arrival in Arua and a joyful welcome at the office. Our party, consisting of myself, Eric the driver, Mama Yunia Yango agriculture project coordinator, Canon Charles discipleship trainer and Alex the office manager travelled to Imvepi camp one and a half hours East of Arua. Imvepi Refugee Camp...

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key-hole garden

Olivia visits the Kasenge Riverford Organic Centre

Olivia Jones has arrived safely and on her first day in Africa visits the Kasenge Riverford Organic Centre. Spending time with Timothy Njakasi the owner and Director and Sam the centre’s manager. Report from Olivia – Sunday 8th April 2018 With an easy flight over and a fast move through customs I...

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Olivia Jones

Olivia Jones heads out to Uganda

My name is Olivia Jones and today I am excited to travel to Northern Uganda to visit the South Sudanese refugees with CRESS. My husband and I retired to the Chalke Valley five years ago and working with our local church I quickly became aware of CRESS and its work in...

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Sending farmers to Northern Uganda

Caroline has been speaking with Fiona French at Send a Cow discussing the visit planned in August when farmers will visit peer farmers in Northern Uganda to learn how they might become peer farmers themselves.  Also going on the trip will be Golda and Joseph and we are going to combine with...

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Update from Caroline Lamb, our CEO & Founder of Cress

I rang Joseph as he was in Kampala where he was to pay for the hospital beds – he was then going to actually watch them being loaded onto the truck to make sure the correct number were put on.  He says that the transport company he knows and they are...

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