Goboro Refugee school

Olivia travels to Goboro

Today I travelled to Goboro on my way to Moyo but we stopped at two places. Strange contrasts within five minutes of each other and only about a hundred metres between them. On the way to Goboro we passed a UN operated transit camp. Having seen various refugee camps in a...

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CRESS - Celina

RUMP training ends on a high

The four-day RUMP (Re-Usable Menstrual Pads) training held in Matu in Northern Uganda finished on Thursday (15th March 2018) and has been hailed a huge success. Lizzy Haggie who works with We See Hope alerted Caroline Lamb to this training in 2016.  CRESS was then able to send Jessica and Jackie...

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CRESS - Cutting RUMP’s materials

RUMPS Re-Usable Menstrual Pads Training

CRESS RUMPS (Re-Usable Menstrual Pads) training starts tomorrow and today some 354 women turned up to register at Matu which is a small Ugandan village about ten miles south of the South Sudan Uganda Border. There is only funding for 200 women to complete this cutting edge training and this is what...

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CRESS - Christian Relief and Education for South Sudanese - Mijale Clinic Team

CRESS clinic in Mijale seeing patients

The CRESS clinic in Mijale is now running well and seeing many patients each day. Edward Mika a South Sudanese man heads the staff – he has a Diploma in Clinical Medicine and Community Health and has done courses in Immunization and Epidemiology so he is well qualified. Before working...

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CRESS - Christian Relief and Education for South Sudanese - Clinic Staff + UK team + CRESS Uganda team

Women’s Sanitary Health Project

Thanks to the amazing response to our request for new pairs of ladies’ underwear pants the CRESS team took out just under 1,000 pairs in September. These will be given out to the women who attend the CRESS re-usable sanitary pad project in refugee and IDP camps. The women who...

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September CRESS Trip

September CRESS Trip

On September 23rd Dr Jane Guy and Dr Jonathan Cullis will be travelling with Caroline Lamb to Uganda and visiting refugee camps of displaced South Sudanese people. The Aim ** To listen and see what the conditions are like for the refugees. ** Spend time with the women teaching about...

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Knighton Manor Open Day

All money raised at the Knighton Manor Open Day will go towards the September 2017 trip to the South Sudanese Refugees living the camps in Uganda. The main focus will be to help women and young girls with menstrual health an area often overlooked. We will carry out new underwear...

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Refugee fund continues to do good

The refugee fund continues to do amazing things and we were recently able to send money to Fred Taban for the Church leaders so they might buy and distribute food in the camps where the situation remains dire. People walk or cycle many miles to bathe and do laundry due to restricted access...

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Selina Feature Image

Clinical Officer appointed at Liwolo Clinic

We are very excited to announce that Selina Edward Yari from Yei has taken up the role of Clinical Officer (Doctor) at the Liwolo Clinic.  Selina was already giving her time on a voluntary basis but thanks to the amazing Quiz Night at The Dynamo restaurant in Putney earlier in...

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This summer in South Sudan I caught Malaria

This summer in South Sudan I caught Malaria. I wasn’t aware of this until six weeks after we returned to Salisbury but a set of fevers exactly three days apart concerned my GP sufficiently for her to alert Salisbury District Hospital that I would be arriving on the Acute Medical...

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