Francis in Ghana

Francis Candiga goes to Ghana

Francis Candiga has just attended a conference in Ghana, titled Jesus Christ is coming soon are you ready? Partly funded by CRESS to encourage him after his hard work in the camps, we helped with his travle costs.  This is what he has written to CRESS I  am back from the All...

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Pastor Alex Abe

Pastor Alex Abe receives funds

Pastor Alex Abe received funds from Joseph Aba during Caroline’s visit in January. Pastor Abe has started a community school in the Internal Displaced Persons Camp in Ajio, with three hundred pupils and ten teachers. They have no books or chalk, so the money kindly donated will make a huge...

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Introducing Godfrey

Godfrey is currently in his last year at Mengo School in Uganda and is working hard to achieve his aspiration of going to university to become an engineer. Mengo is one of the top schools and Godfrey would have been selected to attend. CRESS has been supporting Godfrey in his education...

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CRESS - Anna Modong

Anna Modong was interviewed in January by Caroline

Introducing Anna Modong who completes her nursing degree at The Christian University in Kampala in April 2018. Anna has been funded by CRESS for the last six years of her education. She plans to return to South Sudan to work as a nurse with an NGO and help CRESS when...

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CRESS - Sylvia Poni

Caroline Lamb interviews Sylvia Poni

Caroline Lamb, Founder and CEO first met Sylvia Poni, now eighteen in Liwolo eight years ago when she was unable to speak English and in her own words could only smile at Caroline. This interviewed recorded during Caroline’s trip in January (2018) is proof of the rewards sponsors can see...

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CRESS Education Programme

At CRESS we believe that providing a good standard of education to the young people of South Sudan is an effective way of helping to ensure a brighter future for all.  We provide education through our sponsorship program and presently support 80 children (August 2017) in all stages of education. Emmanuel Kenyi...

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The impact of CRESS education programme

Sylvia Poni is about 18 years old now – she is the smiling young woman on the far right of the picture in the black and white flower skirt and is the daughter of Joseph Abba.  Sylvia came to Uganda in 2011 and when she started primary school could not...

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Golda Poni meets President Obama

Golda Poni in South Sudan and has been part of the CRESS family for several years.  CRESS supported her at university in Uganda and she is now working with us as our Enterprise Officer, a job she does with passion and true dedication. Golda recently won an amazing scholarship with the...

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All Nations College

Fred Taban returns to All Nations College

Wednesday last week saw Fred Taban returning to All Nations College to complete his last term (term seven).   He must complete seven terms because when he arrived in 2014 he began the term late and was therefore not eligible to count this towards his BA. Fred’s late arrival back...

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220 children ready to get involved with CRESS in South Sudan

The children of Westbury CE Junior School are keen to learn about South Sudan and to partner a school in Kajo Keji in order to support them with friendship, visits and in other practical ways. Andrew Robertson , the CRESS UK Operations Manager spoke at their assembly last week and when...

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