Caroline Lamb interviews Sylvia Poni

Caroline Lamb interviews Sylvia Poni

Caroline Lamb, Founder and CEO first met Sylvia Poni, now eighteen in Liwolo eight years ago when she was unable to speak English and in her own words could only smile at Caroline.

This interviewed recorded during Caroline’s trip in January (2018) is proof of the rewards sponsors can see when supporting a child in their education. During the interview, Sylvia also talks about her mother, who took part in the CRESS agriculture programme.

Sylvia has completed her wants to become a lawyer and evangelist sharing the message of hope with young people. She is the daughter of Joseph Aba who wrote the following regarding the A Levels she is taking.

Dear Caroline,

Receive once again the reward of your labour and hard work for us all and in particular for my family. The long waited results of senior 4 were finally release and Sylvia excedding did very well.  she got division 1 with A+ in History, chemistry and Literature. This put her to do History, Literature and divinty in A Level. A sure deal deal for her to do law in university. She did also pass science well that quality her to Biology, chemistry and physics that will make her to be a doctor. But her heart is in the Law.

Thank you so much for making Sylvia to closely realise her dreams of becoming a lawyer. You could not imagine the joy and happiness you have made to us as family and for Sylvia as person.

Thank you very much.
Joseph (February 2018)

CRESS is truly playing an important role in producing the next generation of leaders for South Sudan.