Refugees reach record levels in Rhino Camp

Part of Rhino Camp Refugees settlement (1)

According to figures available as of the 1 October 2016 the number of refugees and asylum-seekers from South Sudan in Rhino Camp totalled 55,112, we believe this to be much higher. The issues in Camp include a shortage of food, access to drinking water and hard to believe a lack...

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Clinical Officer appointed at Liwolo Clinic

Selina Feature Image

We are very excited to announce that Selina Edward Yari from Yei has taken up the role of Clinical Officer (Doctor) at the Liwolo Clinic.  Selina was already giving her time on a voluntary basis but thanks to the amazing Quiz Night at The Dynamo restaurant in Putney earlier in...

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News of Fred Taban

Outside their new home

Most people are aware that Fred Taban’s visa to stay in the UK was not extended and had to suddenly leave the country on Tuesday 25th October.  This came as a huge shock to him but also to everyone who knows and loves him. He was particularly sad at not...

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Peer farming making a difference


One of our priorities in 2016 was to build the CRESS agricultural programme in South Sudan.  This began with the setting up of three farming and discipleship groups in three areas of Kajo Keji County.  The groups learnt how to grow staple crops and learn new farming methods, so providing...

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This summer in South Sudan I caught Malaria


This summer in South Sudan I caught Malaria. I wasn’t aware of this until six weeks after we returned to Salisbury but a set of fevers exactly three days apart concerned my GP sufficiently for her to alert Salisbury District Hospital that I would be arriving on the Acute Medical...

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Golda Poni meets President Obama


Golda Poni in South Sudan and has been part of the CRESS family for several years.  CRESS supported her at university in Uganda and she is now working with us as our Enterprise Officer, a job she does with passion and true dedication. Golda recently won an amazing scholarship with the...

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A whirlwind of activity at CRESS


Ever since the team got back from the summer trip it’s been a whirlwind of reports and feedback as we seek to spread the news of CRESS and build our support base. Charity Gala Evening Our big fund raiser at Salisbury Cathedral Refectory provided around £3,500 after all costs were...

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Sometimes it’s the little things


Over the past few weeks a number of things have happened, small things that make a big difference in South Sudan; often the very things that we might take granted. Such as lockable cupboards for the clinic which were purchased by Joseph in Kampala and now installed!!  Don’t they look...

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Fred Taban returns to All Nations College

All Nations College

Wednesday last week saw Fred Taban returning to All Nations College to complete his last term (term seven).   He must complete seven terms because when he arrived in 2014 he began the term late and was therefore not eligible to count this towards his BA. Fred’s late arrival back...

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Fred visits Send A Cow offices


Last week Fiona French arranged for Fred to spend a day at the Send a Cow Offices in Newton Street Loe in Bath. He had a wonderful day spending time with two of their most senior people who explained how their agriculture programmes work. Who are Send A Cow Send...

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