Bishop of Liwolo, Joseph Aba

Aba and family 031

On the 21st May Jospeh Aba was enthroned as the new Bishop of Liwolo, the journey of Joseph and his family to Juba was not an easy one. CRESS had sent funds for him and his wife to fly but there was a problem with the booking resulting in them both...

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Joseph Aba enthroned as Bishop of Liwolo


On Sunday 21st May Joseph Aba was enthroned as the Bishop fo Liwolo, below is the letter was written to Caroline Lamb our Founder and CEO. Dear Caroline What a delight and joy yet to see the glory of the Lord in the new day and new week. Hope by...

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Fred Taban provides an update

2017-05-08 10.35.09

Fred Taban provides a round-up of news and CRESS activity during April. Ceasefire monitors in South Sudan have called upon warring factions to immediately end hostilities as famine and economic hardships continue to destroy the war-torn country. Citizens continue to be targeted by both parties and other armed groups as...

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CRESS office and clinic open for business

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In the last week of January (2017) the CRESS office and clinic closed and all equipment was removed. It was a sad time for all concerned and finding new premises was a priority. Fred Taban recently visited the Clinic in Liwolo which he reported is still intact and in good condition,...

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Refugee fund continues to do good


The refugee fund continues to do amazing things and we were recently able to send money to Fred Taban for the Church leaders so they might buy and distribute food in the camps where the situation remains dire. People walk or cycle many miles to bathe and do laundry due to restricted access...

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Report from Joseph Aba

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The following is a report and latest update from  Joseph Aba which we hope you will find of interest. Liwolo Clinic Prior to massive exodus of the people out of Kajo-keji to Uganda and others to internal displaced persons camps (IDPs), a lot of progress has been made in providing health...

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Helping where we can

Canon Henry

Being a small charity enables us to be extremely flexible in our approach and how we spend funds generously given to CRESS. Recently, Canon Henry, had his children’s school fees stolen and we were able to pay this for him. Below is his response. Dear my Beloved Sister in Christ...

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We take welfare seriously


This is an email that Caroline sent to Joseph Aba only today. At CRESS we take the welfare of our team extremely seriously and do all we can to take care of them. Dear Joseph  I am aware that life for you as a church leader life and ministry is...

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Clinic will reopen and latest news


  The Liwolo Clinic, since opening in September 2015 has provided health care to a community of over 40,000 people. It has been used by UN staff and Chinese who worked with the UN on the three bridges in Kaya, Koni and Kayibo. The First Commissioner and other government dignitaries...

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Voice of Hope

Screen Shot 2017-04-18 at 09.02.09

The piece below has been taken from the Voice of Hope Newsletter of the Diocese of Kajo-Keji, You can download the newsletter here. Owing to the most recent conflicts in Kajo-Keji County and the severe humanitarian and refugee crisis that have followed in January and February, at least 98% of...

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