A whirlwind of activity at CRESS


Ever since the team got back from the summer trip it’s been a whirlwind of reports and feedback as we seek to spread the news of CRESS and build our support base. Charity Gala Evening Our big fund raiser at Salisbury Cathedral Refectory provided around £3,500 after all costs were...

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Sometimes it’s the little things


Over the past few weeks a number of things have happened, small things that make a big difference in South Sudan; often the very things that we might take granted. Such as lockable cupboards for the clinic which were purchased by Joseph in Kampala and now installed!!  Don’t they look...

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Fred Taban returns to All Nations College

All Nations College

Wednesday last week saw Fred Taban returning to All Nations College to complete his last term (term seven).   He must complete seven terms because when he arrived in 2014 he began the term late and was therefore not eligible to count this towards his BA. Fred’s late arrival back...

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Fred visits Send A Cow offices


Last week Fiona French arranged for Fred to spend a day at the Send a Cow Offices in Newton Street Loe in Bath. He had a wonderful day spending time with two of their most senior people who explained how their agriculture programmes work. Who are Send A Cow Send...

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Imagine only eating every other day


Today we share pictures of local people receiving maize seed from the CRESS team. The money that made this possible was provided by the Salisbury Sudans Link and sent via CRESS to Liwolo where the harvests failed due to the recent droughts and the people have no seed to sow...

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Another busy week of treatment for Fred


We continue to support Fred in his treatment and last week he had four different medical appointments. On Monday he received three different vaccinations at Downton pharmacy which unfortunately made him feel ill for 2 days. Then on Wednesday Disie Rushforth took him for his MRI scan at New Hall...

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Salisbury Sudans Link Education Committee

Link Sudan

Fred Taban recently attended the Salisbury Sudans Link Education Committee meeting at the home of Ian Pinder. The Sudan Link Every Diocese in the Church of England has a link with another Diocese in the Anglican Communion. The Diocese of Salisbury is unusual in having a link with the Episcopal...

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The kindness of others

Fountain pen on news text

Fred Taban has been working at Sarum College and receiving medical treatment. Kind members of Wellspring have paid for Fred to have vaccinations for Hepatitis A and B , Typhoid, Cholera and Yellow Fever. For most British people this would be done with some resignation and complaint but for Fred,...

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CRESS August Trip Roundup

Ebenezer Primary School Assembly

As the CRESS 2016 trip draws to a close I thought I’d share final thoughts and observations as a bit of a roundup. Observation #1 – CRESS is now feeling like an established organisation in Kajo Keji Having personally seen the developments over the past 3 years the change is...

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CRESS in South Sudan – a poem


Adrian Burholt asked Cilla to write her first impressions of South Sudan as a penultimate blog which she has done in the form of a poem. Land of the Cushites – ancient people Your heritage stretches from the dawn of time Warm and welcoming, yet poor and fearful You eke...

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