Caroline Reflects from Dubai Airport

2017-10-02 22.57.49

I have not written anything for the blog so here I am at Dubai airport in the middle of the night with a 4-hour wait and finally have time to reflect on our visit. Everyone is home now and I will be by tomorrow morning. It really was the toughest...

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Farewell to Doctor Jonathan

2017-09-30 13.24.03

Farewell to Doctor Jonathan.  The time of the MAF flight was checked numerous times before final departure, after Tuesday’s change of plan. The departure lounge was the cool shade of a large tree just off the grass airstrip with a few plastic chairs, a wooden bench and a tree stump...

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A testing day in Africa

CRESS vehicle stuck

Yesterday was one of the most testing days, physically, emotionally and practically. Africa threw as many curveballs as it could muster at us and on more than one occasion we wondered if we would ever reach Moyo. After a desultory breakfast at the otherwise comfortable but oddly named Desert Breeze...

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Our first setback …

MAF plane arriving at Moyo airstrip

Our first setback. After a 5am start we arrived at Kajjansi airstrip to see our MAF plane taking off without us! It left an hour earlier than we’d thought. Anyway, we met up with Jane Poggo who along with Fred thought this was highly amusing and African spirit kicked in....

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Breakfast of banana pancakes

two rhinos

I awoke to beautiful singing from behind my room this morning, Rosaline the maid told me she sang for the “joy of the Lord”. After breakfast (banana pancakes!) and a quick trip to the supermarket to get water for the next few days, we visited (on my son Henry’s recommendation)...

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Team arrive in Entebbe

With Fred, having arrived safely

Hello everyone well we are here arriving safely and with time for a quick update for you!!! Jonathan Cullis arrived on Saturday evening after getting up at 2.15am to depart from Coombe Bissett and then arriving in Entebbe at 1735 UK time – a long day !!! He was met...

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A heartfelt thank you


This Saturday Founder and CEO Caroline Lamb heads off to Uganda and CRESS offers a heartfelt thank you to everyone who has supported the campaign. YOU have helped Caroline raise an amazing £8,500 for this trip surpassing the target of £5,000. YOU have donated 600 pairs of ladies pants enabling...

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Current news from South Sudan

A refugee family with a one week old baby under a mosquito net

The following is the latest report and current news from Salisbury Sudan Link and provided by Rev Jane Shaw, Communications Officer. It makes for difficult reading but we felt should be shared as an accurate picture of the situation. Headline prayer – for the suffering caused by conflict: There are reports this...

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CRESS Education Programme


At CRESS we believe that providing a good standard of education to the young people of South Sudan is an effective way of helping to ensure a brighter future for all.  We provide education through our sponsorship program and presently support 80 children (August 2017) in all stages of education. Emmanuel Kenyi...

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Fred Taban reflects on visit of Archbishop

ABC Visits

A personal account by Fred Taban on the visit of the Archbishop of Canterbury to Morobi Camp earlier in the year. Touch a heart, change a life amongst South Sudan refugees. Archbishop Justin Welby did, will you please? The 2nd August 2017 will go down in the history of the South Sudanese...

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