All go in the Cress office today!


Monday morning is always a cress morning as Sophie Blick comes to work with me on cress matters. Di Jeans calls round to meet up with Sophie and myself and we go through the list of children and sponsors to discuss who will follow each package up. This year we...

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We need uniforms, sheets, blankets!!!


We send more emails to and from South Sudan communicating with Joseph, Joel and Charles about the clinic and realise we need uniforms, sheets, blankets, and mosquito nets!  More shopping for Joseph to do when in Kampala.  Think there are enough funds to get these items!! Oh add paint to the list …...

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It is all go as we prepare for the clinic opening!

Finished Liwolo CRESS clinic

A mad rush today as Caroline realised Godolphin were breaking up on Saturday and needed the clinic flyers to encourage the girls and their families to get sponsorship for their walk in September.  The money raised will go towards providing a solar power system for the clinic, which will make...

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Working with Send a Cow


Today I was in contact with Fiona French at Send a Cow (SAC) about the Cress shared work with Send a Cow Uganda (SACU). The plan is to send four of the Cress team – Golda Poni, Yango Yunis, Esther and Agnes – tNorthern Uganda to look  at “peer“ farmers, these are farmers...

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The difference solar power will make!


We heard from Joseph today – this is what he said: “I am back to kajokeji. We are expecting the beds to reach here on Sunday and on Monday, we will deliver to Liwolo. Regarding the solar the technician assured me that that is enough to charge computers, phones, TV...

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A reality check …

Stephen Lubajo 007

Joseph Aba in South Sudan gets in touch to let us know that one of our sponsor children is unwell. He wrote: “Our brother Eluzai Loboka is back from the Hospital in Kampala and he came back with terrifying result of the sickness of the boy. The viral load is high than...

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Water is essential to life!

Sep 09 059

Today is a great day, as it ended with some fantastic news.  A donor has given enough money to pay for the bore hole to be dug at the clinic in Liwolo. As Cress is getting nearer to the opening of the clinic to have been without water would have...

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The perils of travel in South Sudan

Ugandan long distance bus

The morning of the 12th June was spent organising money to be sent out to Uganda.  Joseph is travelling to Uganda overnight on Sunday, he travels on a very rickety bus that travels very fast through the night.  We hope he has gone through Moyo as this is safer because...

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Caroline Lamb meets Bishop Anthony

Bishop Anthony

Today Caroline went to meet Bishop Anthony in Abingdon where he was staying for a week – he is over looking for funds for a clinic in Romoggi. Jonathan Triffitt the vicar of St James was there too. It was great to see Anthony and Caroline was able to catch up...

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