Preparations intensify!


Joseph Aba is the ‘man who makes it happen’ on the ground in South Sudan. An ordained Anglican priest he works within the Diocese of Kajo Keji, and oversees the implementation of all the CRESS projects.  It is all hands on deck as they say and Joseph is as busy...

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Further contributions to support Cress midwife!


What a lovely message to receive: I have just transferred a further £575 to the Cress acount.  This is money collected by Sarah Sedgewick’s team based at the Sandwich Bank in Attenborough near Nottingham.  They are continuing their efforts, so there will be more to come. God bless you on...

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Departure date drawing ever closer!


The team have been packing for days, which is a feat in itself!  British Airways allow 3 suitcases per person, so with a team of 6 that makes 18.  However we have a problem, the 80+ sponsors of our children have got carried away in their generosity and made their...

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Packing has begun!

packing photo

This is the month to start thinking hard about our trip and departure on September 12th!  There is a LOT of packing to be done and still matters to organise with the team in South Sudan! Di Jeans and Sophie Blick have been emailing every sponsor to arrange collection of their...

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Plans are well underway for the clinic ‘grand’ opening

Sadly we heard yesterday that Becky cannot now come with us in September as she has to stay at home to look after her father who is having a major operation.   Thanks to her wonderful fundraising efforts already and that of St James’s and the local primary school we...

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Preparing for the conference


Today Sophie and I try to make a start on the conference materials but we have to order flies and paper etc before we get started. Then there was an email from Joseph asking for books for his English Studies – this is important as head of Cress South Sudan...

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The team is increasing


Today was the day to send over the money for the school fees and also salaries for the 4 staff at the clinic.  Caroline sends the money through East Atlantic and the rate today was 1.53 so that is fine as we work on 1.5. It is now quite a...

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Image 12-hours of darkness every single night!


Caroline received a lovely email from Joseph saying the Solar is installed in his house and the clinic; for Joseph and his family this is the first time they have ever had electricity in his 45 years of life!  With 12 hours of darkness every single night it is a...

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Celebrating the Cress website


I go round to Phil and Catherine Heald to drink some Prosecco to toast the launch of the new website! Lindsey continues to work on the newsletter – we have not done a proper one for 2 years and she works on a  MailChimp email dedicated to Tom Clarke who raised a...

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New Cress website goes live!

New Website goes LIVE – we are all so excited and I get some excellent emails of encouragement   “The new website is great, big improvement. I registered on it for the newsletter.” Caroline Lamb

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