Educational sponsorship making a difference


Caroline Lamb recently received this letter from Daniel Batatis who is one of the sponsored children in South Sudan.  We have decided to share as not only a wonderful letter, which we feel our supporters should see, but proof of the difference that the educational sponsorship programme set up by...

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Golda Poni’s sponsors head out for her graduation


A long session today with Sophie working on the wages for our ten CRESS staff and looking at whether we have enough regular money coming in to cover these going forward.  We realise that we need another 2/3 sponsors for the clinic staff but otherwise we are covered, just.   I am...

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Godolphin School raise an amazing £1,200

Receiving cheque from Godolphin

CRESS all day today – started with meeting with Maggie Metcalfe and Rachel Gordon to chat through  matters for prayer and talk about Christmas cards as we really want to get them started this year . Then it was settle down with Sophie Blick who works every Monday on CRESS matters...

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South Sudan declared level THREE emergency


Today was Revive our service in Broad Chalke School – Don Morgan asked me to do the prayers on South Sudan and CRESS – however I decided that because the situation is so serious in the country we would focus on the impending civil war.  I had been alerted by...

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CRESS matters ….

Sarum Graphics

Today I was busy with CRESS matters.  I went to see Richard at Sarum Graphics as they very  kindly do CRESS printing at cost and we need stationery for the office out in Kajo Keji as they are now operating a separate office – payment books for the clinic medicines...

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Cost of food has risen beyond imagination!


Today it was Wellspring and we have Susan Downie leading worship and speaking on generosity – everyone enjoyed the morning We also collected for Fred’s family as the cost of food has risen beyond imagination and is in short supply.  Fred had written to me saying about his wife who...

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Liwolo Clinic saves lives!

PONI JOY (8 MONTHS) Dia. Severe malaria, moderate De.H20

The Liwolo Clinic was officially opened on 22nd September but had already saved lives in the weeks leading up to the celebration.  Those that visited and received treatment included: A five year old child with severe malaria who was treated with IV antibiotics and Paracetamol A 26 year old pregnant woman...

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Africa Resilience or Resistance


Today, 1st October Caroline Lamb attends the Send a Cow Big debate with Gavin Estler – chairing it in London – the title is Africa Resilience or Resistance – over the decades Africa has had billions of aid – has it made any difference or is it just maintaining the...

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British Airways flights to Entebbe to cease!

photo credit Michael Blythe

Caroline Lamb touched down on home soil at 8.55am today, Tuesday 29th September on the second to last British Airways flight, Entebbe to London Heathrow (LHR)! “Apparently British Airways have been doing this route for over 20 years and it ceases on Thursday 2nd October. I spoke with one of...

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