Introducing Godfrey


Godfrey is currently in his last year at Mengo School in Uganda and is working hard to achieve his aspiration of going to university to become an engineer. Mengo is one of the top schools and Godfrey would have been selected to attend. CRESS has been supporting Godfrey in his education...

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RUMP training ends on a high

Celina demonstrating one group how to make the pads

The four-day RUMP (Re-Usable Menstrual Pads) training held in Matu in Northern Uganda finished on Thursday (15th March 2018) and has been hailed a huge success. Lizzy Haggie who works with We See Hope alerted Caroline Lamb to this training in 2016.  CRESS was then able to send Jessica and Jackie...

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Introducing Mary Aciga

Mary Aciga

Mary Aciga was interviewed by Caroline Lamb, CRESS Founder and CEO during her trip in January (2018). Mary participated in the first agricultural programme run by CRESS back in 2016 and went on to become a leader sharing her knowledge with others. The agricultural programme started with three farming and...

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Anna Modong was interviewed in January by Caroline

Anna Modong

Introducing Anna Modong who completes her nursing degree at The Christian University in Kampala in April 2018. Anna has been funded by CRESS for the last six years of her education. She plans to return to South Sudan to work as a nurse with an NGO and help CRESS when...

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Caroline Lamb interviews Sylvia Poni

Sylvia Poni

Caroline Lamb, Founder and CEO first met Sylvia Poni, now eighteen in Liwolo eight years ago when she was unable to speak English and in her own words could only smile at Caroline. This interviewed recorded during Caroline’s trip in January (2018) is proof of the rewards sponsors can see...

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RUMPS Re-Usable Menstrual Pads Training

Celina, Gerald and Jeska Cutting RUMP’s materials

CRESS RUMPS (Re-Usable Menstrual Pads) training starts tomorrow and today some 354 women turned up to register at Matu which is a small Ugandan village about ten miles south of the South Sudan Uganda Border. There is only funding for 200 women to complete this cutting edge training and this is what...

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CRESS clinic in Mijale seeing patients

Mijale Clinic Team

The CRESS clinic in Mijale is now running well and seeing many patients each day. Edward Mika a South Sudanese man heads the staff – he has a Diploma in Clinical Medicine and Community Health and has done courses in Immunization and Epidemiology so he is well qualified. Before working...

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Tenth CRESS trip, visiting refugees

Bicycle joy

The tenth CRESS trip took place in January 2018, when a small team of three women departed the UK to visit the South Sudanese now living as refugees in Northern Uganda and in the bush just over the border in South Sudan. Caroline Lamb, as CEO, strategic planner and chief, Becky...

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Bishop Emmanuel Murye is in the UK

Bishop Emmanuel Murye

Bishop Emmanuel Murye is in the UK and here he is with a small group from Wellspring – chatting and sharing on his life as a refugee Bishop. Bishops Emmanuel and Joseph from the Diocese of Kajo Keji have over 350,000 refugees in their pastoral care. Each camp or IDP...

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Last report from the January 2018 trip

last report of January trip

Last report and Caroline writes for the first time Hello everyone Caroline here and this my first writing of the blog, Fiona and especially Becky writing during our trip which was so helpful. It meant that I could focus on what was going on all around as we travelled in Arua...

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