Dentaid providing dental care in Uganda

CRESS - Christian Relief and Education for South Sudanese - Dentist

Dentaid is a UK charity that works to provide safe, sustainable and affordable dental care in the UK and overseas. Thanks to fundraising they have been working in the Yumbe District where Mijale is located and a district that has no dental facility. You can read more about the first trip...

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Olivia travels to Goboro

Goboro Refugee school

Today I travelled to Goboro on my way to Moyo but we stopped at two places. Strange contrasts within five minutes of each other and only about a hundred metres between them. On the way to Goboro we passed a UN operated transit camp. Having seen various refugee camps in a...

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The frustration of water in Africa

Stella is using a CRESS funded watering can

Africa can be a frustrating place for many people who live there. One of their frustrations is water. There is either too much or too little. They plan for both scenarios but for vegetable growing water needs to be there always in exactly the right amount. One of Mama Yunia...

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Olivia receives joyful welcome in Arua

Yango with group leader Joyce Poni

Upon safe arrival in Arua and a joyful welcome at the office. Our party, consisting of myself, Eric the driver, Mama Yunia Yango agriculture project coordinator, Canon Charles discipleship trainer and Alex the office manager travelled to Imvepi camp one and a half hours East of Arua. Imvepi Refugee Camp...

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Olivia visits the Kasenge Riverford Organic Centre

key-hole garden

Olivia Jones has arrived safely and on her first day in Africa visits the Kasenge Riverford Organic Centre. Spending time with Timothy Njakasi the owner and Director and Sam the centre’s manager. Report from Olivia – Sunday 8th April 2018 With an easy flight over and a fast move through customs I...

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Francis Candiga goes to Ghana

Francis in Ghana

Francis Candiga has just attended a conference in Ghana, titled Jesus Christ is coming soon are you ready? Partly funded by CRESS to encourage him after his hard work in the camps, we helped with his travle costs.  This is what he has written to CRESS I  am back from the All...

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Olivia Jones heads out to Uganda

Olivia Jones

My name is Olivia Jones and today I am excited to travel to Northern Uganda to visit the South Sudanese refugees with CRESS. My husband and I retired to the Chalke Valley five years ago and working with our local church I quickly became aware of CRESS and its work in...

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Pastor Alex Abe receives funds

Pastor Alex Abe

Pastor Alex Abe received funds from Joseph Aba during Caroline’s visit in January. Pastor Abe has started a community school in the Internal Displaced Persons Camp in Ajio, with three hundred pupils and ten teachers. They have no books or chalk, so the money kindly donated will make a huge...

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Introducing Godfrey


Godfrey is currently in his last year at Mengo School in Uganda and is working hard to achieve his aspiration of going to university to become an engineer. Mengo is one of the top schools and Godfrey would have been selected to attend. CRESS has been supporting Godfrey in his education...

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