Appeal for your prayers and support

Many of you will already be aware of the situation in South Sudan, now one of the most dangerous countries for aid workers. The CRESS team out there have been working day and night, risking their lives to protect what they appreciate and value so highly, and this has made a true difference to their daily lives. Through necessity, the Liwolo Clinic and CRESS office in South Sudan has been closed. The staff have removed everything – from solar panels on the clinic roof, to the microscope, a printer with no ink and waste bins.

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Back here in the UK, we are preparing for the worst and re-prioritising our budgets to see how we can cover the additional expenses of this new situation. We shall need to pay for staff accommodation and food for our local staff, which is now scarce and expensive.

The local team’s aim is to re-open the clinic in Arua, North Uganda doing all that they can in a temporary location. Nothing is simple and not only do they need to find a suitable location, but also gain permission to open it. There will be additional costs in rental and on-going expenses that we had not foreseen but we must find a solution so that the CRESS staff can continue their good work by any means that they can in the situation that the country finds itself.

Back in December, we set up a Refugee Fund, which enabled Fred Taban to bring Christmas cheer to the Rhino Camp in North Uganda. Click the Refugee Fund link to read Fred’s wonderful letter and to hear first hand the difference made. A fund that we must now grow further to help both our own local people there and the wider populace in South Sudan.

Please join our prayers for the safety of not only the CRESS team but also the people of South Sudan.


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