Our work with the South Sudanese refugees

Tragically, in January 2017, civil war and unrest drove the people of Kajo Keji out of their homes and villages across the border to Uganda where 1 million people now live in refugee camps. 

We sponsor 81 children and all are safe, most are in schools throughout Uganda and in all stages of education. Each sponsor is matched with a child and they receive an annual progress report. Equally the children know who their sponsor is and gladly write to them once a year.

The CRESS clinic in Liwolo had to be abandoned and alternative premises have been rented in Mijale, Uganda so that a new clinic can be set up. Thankfully, all of the medical equipment from Liwolo was rescued and is being installed in the Mijale clinic.

Helping small businesses is a vital element of our work and there are opportunities to work with Internally Displaced People (IDP) still living in refugees camps in South Sudan. We can supply start-up funding to enable these enterprising young people to run small shops and trade stalls. In addition, we plan to support them further through agriculture enabling the refugees to grow food to feed their families and produce to sell.

Please support us in our work with the South Sudanese people who we work closely with to develop solutions that will improve their present situation.


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